Thursday, November 18, 2010


The feeling of delight, happiness and pleasure. It’s one of the most cherished emotions you can experience in life. What brings you joy?

For me it's my faith. I have been a Christian since I was a little kid, but for so many people religious is about the actions and the duties and obligations, but it's about so much more.

It's about a relationship with the one who gave up everything for me. It's about the one who was perfect and sinless, taking on the guilt of the world, just so that we could live freely. Because of His sacrifice, I can be forgiven. I am covered by grace, and it's an amazing feeling.

I know everyone reading this may not agree or even believe in a God, but for me . . . I KNOW there is a God.

I once heard a philosophy teacher talk about how it's rational to believe in God. He gave us four scenarios.
1) Scenario 1 - God's real, and you do believe - You go to heaven and avoid hell
2) Scenario 2 - God's not real, and you do believe - You live a good life
3) Scenario 3 - God's real and you DONT believe, you go to hell
4) Scenario 4 - God's Not Real and you DONT believe - nothing happens

In Scenario 1, 2 and 3 it benefits you to believe in God . . . so do you really want to take the chance that he isn't real? It's food for thought, but my Faith is what brings me joy!

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