Monday, January 18, 2010

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Check out each of the nine reviews below to find out what each BlogHer thinks about this delicious juice. Plus, each BlogHer is giving you a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Carmen of Mom to the Screaming Masses and her family love the newest flavor of V8 V-Fusion, Cranberry Blackberry—she’s “been to three stores in the past two days to locate it!”

FireMom of Stop, Drop & Blog's son has been asking for it at lunch time almost every day! “I'm okay with that, as it is 100% juice with no added sugar.

Samara of Simplicity in the Suburbs thinks the V8 V-Fusion cans would be “perfect for throwing in a lunchbox or grabbing on our way out the door to a soccer game”!

Amie of Life with the Boys and her whole family all really like the new flavor, Cranberry Blackberry—find out what recipe she’s making with it!

When Laura of Heavenly Homemakers began passing around glasses of the V8 V-Fusion Cranberry Blackberry juice, “it was like one big juice party in the kitchen. We even had juice mustaches! I LOVE that there are vegetables in this juice!”

Amy of Super Healthy Kids' husband even “suggested I start buying V8 for him to take to work rather than diet soda!” Along with V8 V-Fusion juices, find out what other tips she suggests for ensuring kids are receiving 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day!

The juice was a huge hit with Jenny of Picky Palate’s boys and “they had no clue how healthy the juice was for them!”

Kelsey of The Naptime Chef “was pleasantly surprised by the more natural fruit flavor.” She plans to “toss it in the diaper bag to have on hand for snack-time!”

Once Gen of Quadville’s foursome tested the Cranberry Blackberry flavor they were as "happy as mosquito's in summer time. They sucked those bad boys down!!! The second they were done they wanted a second glass.”

Win a $200 Visa Card

Read each of their posts listed below to learn how they plan on keeping their family connected, and find out how you can win 1 of 9 $200 Visa gift cards!

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom plans to have family road trips to experience even more together! Her 2009 family travels allowed her children to see the ocean, eat their first whole lobster, and mark off countless states that they have now set foot on.

Pam of Beyond Just Mom makes a date with one child every week in order to stay in touch with all of her children—see what other fun tips she has that you can incorporate!

Ree of Hotfessional plans to stay in touch with her 18-year-old who’s away at college with emails, handwritten notes tucked into care packages, and smoke signals? Read what other ideas she has up her sleeve!

Amy of Doobleh-vay suggests that by families selecting a charity and continuously volunteering during 2010, they "will bond over giving back!”

Sandy of Eat Real feels that “if you make your home a welcoming place for your kids’ and their friends, a place with food and fellowship abound, you’ll be a fixture in their lives.” See how else she plans to proactively stay connected with her family.

Sierra of ChildWild suggests turning your Facebook, IM, Skype, and Twitter back on! “They don’t have to be distractions from staying connected; they can also be tools. I see my stepson update his Facebook status in the middle of the day and I pause, laugh and think of him."

Read how adding a family pet to the mix and color coordinated duck tape have Tales From The Trenches of Parenting ready to continue family bonding after traveling for the holidays!

Kate of Fabulous @ 50 has decided that 2010 will mark the “return of the dinner table” for her family! Find out how she plans to develop “mighty thumbs for texting” her kids too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tom's of Maine Giveaways!!!

BlogHer kids had a blast filming their brushing experience and Tom's wants to know how you make brushing fun for your kids too. For a 9th chance to win, share how you get your kids to brush and you could win a grand prize of $200! Enter in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Watch the silly video of The Karianna Spectrum kids with the Tom’s toothpaste.

“Getting kids to be motivated to brush their teeth is hard enough... we need a little silly involved!” – Said Jenny On The Spot. Watch the funny video of her kids trying Silly Strawberry.

3 Po, one of the kids over at Bonggamom, had so much fun trying the toothpaste he did a little dance. Watch his dance on video.

The kids at Cheaper Than Therapy are picky about their toothpaste flavors. Watch the video and see how they liked Silly Strawberry.

See the ultra cute video of the youngest over at Izzy Mom.

Watch the youngest kids from Life with the Boys try the toothpaste in a creative way.

The youngest girls at Owlhaven liked the toothpaste because it wasn’t “too spicy”. Check out their video review.

Little Punky, over at Suburban Turmoil, gave Silly Strawberry a whirl. Watch and see what she thought.