Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Add 10 runway looks to your wardrobe

Fasion is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, and it seems to change by the day. One day it's flats and fur, another it's heels and leather.

Fashion is really whatever the people who matter say it is. If Gucci says fashion is fishnet stockings, then that is what people view as fashionable. If Prada says fashion is lace up boots, then that will be all the rage for the next few months.

Fashion can change like the wind, so I think that it's still important to keep a sense of self with shopping and when dressing. If we all wanted to look alike, we would all wear uniforms . . . and where would the fun be in that?

Here are some tips for adding runway looks to your wardrobe:
1. Classic Coat - this is something that all runway looks seem to have. Generally people use nuetral tones or a pop of color - it's up to you!
2. Black Skirt - This is a must for every wardrobe. It can go classy, young and hip or professional. It's something that fashionists insist that every girl owns.
3. Black Dress - I don't know how many times my husband has asked me to get a black dress, but I'm such a "color" girl I never got around to it, but this really is a classy fashionable piece to own in your wardrobe.
4. White Blouse - For evening, add a pair of dress pants or skirt, and for work add a blazer or cardigan. It's very versatile, and is fashion meets the average joe.
5. Narrow Belt - Use it over coats and jackets and to belt-up cardigans and sweater dresses.
6. Scarf - This is a way to add color and pizzaz to an outfit. It can be added to turtleneck sweaters, tank tops or even blouses. Dress it up or dress it down with a scarf.
7. Pearls - I think that pearls have made a come back, and are not a fashion neccessity. They used to look old, but not look classic and classy.
8. Chunky Knits - These are very popular right now - cable knit sweaters or grandpa sweaters. My husband has been wanting one . . . I may have to break down and buy it for him for Christmas.
9. Military - This is a big thing right now. I love the gold button detailing on military jackets or even military/cargo pants. They are very edgy but also practical with all their pockets.
10. Try Jewel Tones - these are my absolute favorites. I love ruby reds, emerald greens, amethysy purple. These are the colors that really pop and grab your attention.

Turn your wardrobe into a fashionista's wardrobe with a few simple tips and suggestions :)

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