Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 chances to win!

Swistle thought “It didn't taste like ‘diet pizza,’ it tasted like really good thin-crust pizza!” Find out which flavor was her favorite.Fluid Pudding knows “you will not be disappointed” when you purchase DiGiorno 200 Calories Portions…especially since they remind Angela of her favorite thin-crust pizzas!Busy Mom’s whole family LOVED them! This is a great “portion-controlled, convenient, and tasty pizza option” if you’re looking for “quick, healthy food!” “Good pizza without the guilt? Sign me up!” Tia from Clever Girl Goes Blog loved how the 200 Calorie Portions were “good sized and tasted like REAL pizza, not some ridiculous diet food.”Ali from Through the Looking Glass says the pizzas are perfect for lunch or a quick dinner. “It gives you that restaurant pizza taste without all of the calories!”If it's not cheat day yet and you are looking for a single serving of a really satisfying pizza, Cheat Day Café would highly recommend the DiGiorno 200 Calorie Pizzas found in the freezer section of your grocery store.“At 200 calories a pop, it is a great way to satisfy. No guilt, no bloat. Just yummy pizza!” Kari from Karianna Spectrum will be stocking the 200 Calorie Portions in her freezer!FiddleDeeDee’s daughter has dubbed the DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions as “the best pizza ever!” See which flavor is DeeDee’s favorite!The “entire line up of DiGiorno 200 calorie pizzas has been added to the permanent shopping list” at Carmen’s house. Now Mom to the Screaming Masses can finally include pizza in her diet again!

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