Monday, January 4, 2010

Tom's of Maine Giveaways!!!

BlogHer kids had a blast filming their brushing experience and Tom's wants to know how you make brushing fun for your kids too. For a 9th chance to win, share how you get your kids to brush and you could win a grand prize of $200! Enter in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Watch the silly video of The Karianna Spectrum kids with the Tom’s toothpaste.

“Getting kids to be motivated to brush their teeth is hard enough... we need a little silly involved!” – Said Jenny On The Spot. Watch the funny video of her kids trying Silly Strawberry.

3 Po, one of the kids over at Bonggamom, had so much fun trying the toothpaste he did a little dance. Watch his dance on video.

The kids at Cheaper Than Therapy are picky about their toothpaste flavors. Watch the video and see how they liked Silly Strawberry.

See the ultra cute video of the youngest over at Izzy Mom.

Watch the youngest kids from Life with the Boys try the toothpaste in a creative way.

The youngest girls at Owlhaven liked the toothpaste because it wasn’t “too spicy”. Check out their video review.

Little Punky, over at Suburban Turmoil, gave Silly Strawberry a whirl. Watch and see what she thought.

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